Allied Union Hyperspace tech

First off lets take into account that their are multiple universe , each one runs at a different speed and so on. Anyway each universe has what ill call for now a frequency that says its that universe. Now every now and then the frequency of that universe will shift a little due shifts in space and time .. and it connects 2 universes together for a very short time.

Now the gate tech is based around that .. the jumpgates are incoded with that frequency of the "Guardians" universe .. what the gate does is the space around the gate it isolates and changes the freqency of it close to guardians universe so that a link between the 2 is created.

And lets say that when you set it to the exact same freqency of another universe it creates a blackhole. But this is not the exact same frequency so a blackwhole is not created.

When the freqency is set . by both gates a signal is set of by both gates so they can locate one another then the dimensional bubble is created so that there is no tear created in space and time.

This bubble acts like a space suit it creates inside the bubble / tunnel a atmosphere [ for lack of a better word] that anything from our universe can travel through .. it is unknown if a ship from our universe can survive in another.

Allied Union Jumpportal System

1. Authorisation codes entered and gate is turned on.
2. Ping of 2ndary gate is made.
3. Primary and 2ndary gates lock on to each others coordinates.
4. Dimensional Distortion Beam is emitted by both primary and 2ndary gates.
5. Small Rift into hyperspace is created on both gate ends.
6. Bubble emitter beams boot up.
7. Spacial Bubble Link is connected.
8. Secondary Activates Positive Signal [Creating a wind tunnel like effect in the direction of the gate you wish to exit thought]
9. Ship moves into the path of the tunnel suction. [Note suction in normal space dispates]
10. Ship enters protal and begins to pick up speed until maxiumum spacial bubble speed output.
11. Exits other side.
12. Bubble emitter beams shut down.
13. Dimensional Distortion Beam deactivtes.
14. Gates shut down and turn off.

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