Allied Union [AU] Introduction
The Allied union is an organization created by a group of terran planets. Their home base is Vengari Prime [a water planet on which they have built an artificial island that houses all heads of the Allied Union Council] [Note: AU Headquarters build is built in the shape of a pyramid].

The creation of the Allied Union happened when the UGC [United Galactic Commonwealth] started to attack terran colonies. After the fall of 50 colonies to the bombardment by UCG cruisers a small group of colonies in and around the Vengari System decoded to work together to fight back against the UGC. Out of this joining of forces and technology, the first Barrier Shield was developed. [Based from the technology used to create a safe journey in hyperspace, the hyperspace technology was developed by Forlicians, a race of travelers.] This Technology allowed the colonies to hold back the UGC Cruisers. Within the next 2 years every other colony in Krys Sector had joined this union of colonies which renamed and organized from the Colonial Defense Force to the Allied Union in hopes of creating a unified front to fight back the United Galactic Commonwealth. 6 months later the Mark One Allied Union Destroyer was created.


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