After Earth Universe Time Line 2003 - 2109 [The creation of 2 superpower]

2003 - United Nations is disbanded after it is no longer seen of any use as the larger countries have taken apon themselves to act without caring what the United nations has to say ,America's attack on iraq lead the fat of the future of the united nations. With no body to answer to all countries could go on doing what they wanted to do without being checked on.

2006 - With George Bush's re-election seal's the fate of the middle east. in June 2006 America Declares war on the middle east with teh jstification that they are out to stop terroism all together. This was starts with ground forces and escolates over time.

2008 - World War 3 is declared as countries take sides in the attacks started by America back in 2006.

2009 - Decmeber 31 see's iraq launch 2 neclear missiles one at washington DC one at London England
, this starts the end of the war with over 10 nuclear weapons launched within the next day seeing 45 % of the worlds resources destroyed in the space of 24 hours. Few countries to come out of the war with some kind of life include, Australia and many other asian countries.

2011 - New Sydney Dome built 80 kelomiters off shore from old sydney inclosed in a dome to proctect its population from radiation and other deadly bacteria and viruses that were relased during World War 3. New Sydney Becomes the first underwater based city.

2022 - Many off shore cities are being built to protect people from radiation as well harvesting and new underwater equipment is develped as the human race becomes a water race due to the damage to the world above water.

2025 - The Australia - New Zealand war beigns as both contries fight over boundires as they are the 2 largest growing nations , as the other feel behind in the construction of new cities.

2028 - New Zealand becomes part of Australia and the new superpower is born. Due to both countries having a head start on development of the underwater technologies needed to survive.

2033 - First Australian elections since the war are held as the current leader had passed away due to illness.

2036 - The Australian Confederation is founded as more terriotry is added to the growign superpower. [View Flag]

2045 - President George Seeken came to power in the Australia Confederation, during his term of 5 year as president he was instrumental in bring piece to the eastern countries of Earth.

- Due to the disbandment of the United Nations many years ago, Seeken helped in forming a new United Nations of earth, but due to some problems with the United States and other western countries, this new United Nations ended up becoming an Eastern Group Consisting of Australia, Japan, and most Eastern Countries

2050 -
This new united nations soon was replaced with one nation as it would provide a stronger front and unified part of the world and no nation wanted to see another world war. The United States of Eastern Earth was born, with George Seeken as its President.

2052 - Seeken was assassinated and Vice President Michelle Jones assumed power.

2052 - 2062
The USEE slowly beings to retract from global matters as president Michelle Jones say that the USEE needs time to full settle into its new way of life as one nation. Durning this time it was retported that the USEE miltary strength was being developed, the USEE denied that it was a war tactic and that their state was just taking precautions like any other nation would.

2065 - The USEE announced a policy that the only way to stop fighting and hatred between everyone was to have only one race/one colour, war soon followed. As a result the Western Allied Commission also known as WAC was formed by all non USEE nations.

2073 - Both sides announced that this war would be endless and both sides called a ceasefire. The next 20 years it was a cold war between both sides mostly fought underwater with SuperCav Technology. Both sides denying that events took place because neither could afford another war.

2092 - That year, a WAC Deep space radar Satellite picked up a comet on a collision course with earth. Neither side had the skills had the strength to stop this comet, which would annihilate all life on earth. It would hit earth in 7 years.

- The USEE launches a large ship from a USEE space dock that held 2000 people in deep stasis, into deep space.

2109 - WAC Launches statis ship.

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