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Greetings all and welcome to the visual section of After Earth here is where any artwork , music, or animations will be posted that we think are up to standard for you to see. More will be added as time goes on but enjoy all that you see. If you are an After Earth Artist or have some artwork you think would be good for after earth email us and we will put it up or get in contact with you about it.

After Earth Universe Team

New Images

Image from the history files of the mid 21st century

Allied Union
29th Squadron Badge
44th Squadron Badge
Allied Union Uniform
AU M4 Destroyer Blueprints
Allied Union Computer Terminal

United Galactic Commonwealth
UGC Cruiser [Size comparison]
UGC Cruiser [ISO]
Survalence Image

Ground Zero
Beta image [Fighter bay]
Beta image [Fighter bay]
Concept Artwork [Cargo Bay]
Concept Artwork [Door Way]
Concept Artwork [Helm Chair]
Concept Artwork [bridge top view]

Computer Generated [3D]
AU Fleet
AUSS Gallant Returning Home

Promotional Work
Game cover art
Fallen Angel Promo Desktop 01
Fallen Angel Promo Desktop 02
Billboard Poster
AE Soundtrack CD Cover art

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